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SMART Papers

SMART Papers is one of the largest and oldest paper producers in the United States. Originally Champion, then International, and now SMART Papers, they have been producing paper products for over 110 years in Hamilton, Ohio.

SMART Papers had been producing paper in an environmentally friendly fashion before it was in vogue. They did this because it was the responsible, efficient thing to do. Rather than keep this valuable information under wraps, they needed to champion the cause in the industry while staying true to their hardworking paper producing roots.

It was critical to let the SMART Papers brands sit in the drivers seat, highlight their green leadership, and appeal to their core audiences of printers and designers. To help achieve this, we worked with the SMART Papers web team to reorganize their website. Based on this new site structure we designed a clean, site that would be familiar to designers and align SMART Papers with their roots. We produced HTML and CSS templates which we passed along to the SMART Papers web team for implementation.

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What we did:

  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Front-end Development
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